4 U Limousine - Arrive late, lied about it, charged more than quoted over the phone

Palatine, Illinois 1 comment
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These guys were awful.

It started normal as I called over the phone and confirmed a limousine pick-up for my wife on her wedding day.

However, he arrived an hour late for pick-up, which resulted in my wife being late for her own wedding! He claimed he got a flat tire, but I inspected the tires and none were recently changed. He clearly lied about that. Also received no semblance of an apology.

Lastly, the driver also charged my wife more than we were quoted over the phone, and had the audacity to ask for a tip on top of that! Arrive an hour late, get called our for lying about a flat tire, overcharge us, and then ask for a tip? Unreal


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I believe the driver's story.And I think it's funny that you think this is unreal.

Obviously, you have never rented a limo or been in a taxi before. People get flat tires. I seriously doubt you're car tire expert.

If you're going to rent a limo, tip.don't be a cheap ***.

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